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SIM only deals for bad credit
Aaron Abourezk
“I contacted many mobile phone contract service providers for a mobile phone contract. But the process always had some hitches because of my history of bad credit. I tried Zaggor and was suggested to opt for a no credit check SIM-only plan. Trust me, getting a SIM has never been easier”.
SIM only deals no credit check
Bart Sandberg
“I did not have the time to deal with SIM-only plans that require a credit check, because I needed to travel abroad in a week. I was apprehensive about staying connected from international destinations. But my fears were put to rest as Zaggor got to work quickly. I got a SIM-only deals with bad credit just in time for my international travel”.
SIM only deals no credit check
Barbara Fulford
“Although I needed a new mobile phone contract, I did not want to go in for a new phone as I love my smartphone. Zaggor’s SIM-only plans, was just what I needed. I could continue using my old phone with a new SIM-only contract”.
bad credit SIM only deals
Susan Kappes
“I needed a phone contract and had no problems using my old mobile phone. The only problem was that I was on a tight budget. It’s only when I used Zaggor’s form, that I realized that SIM-only contracts are much cheaper than the pay monthly mobile phone contracts that come with a handset”.

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SIM Only Deals with Bad Credit

Getting a mobile contract is not very easy if you have a poor credit rating. If you already have a mobile phone, the best option would be to opt for a no credit check SIM only deal. Earlier getting a SIM only contract required a credit check, but now there is an option to skip the credit check.

The popularity of no credit check SIM only plans, has made the process simpler. Getting a SIM only deal is similar to getting pay monthly mobile phones, thanks to Zaggor. If unlimited data is what you are looking for, there are many SIM-only deals offering it. Make a note of the various SIM-only contracts and reduce the monthly expenses.

SIM only no credit check deals are usually short term contracts that last for a month. Customers have the option to extend or terminate the contract at the end of the month.

Advantages of SIM only deals

1. SIM only deals are much cheaper than getting pay monthly or pay weekly phones, where you’ll also have to shell out the money for the mobile phone.

2. You do not have to commit to a long-term contract with SIM only deals. You don’t have to enter into a long-term contract, similar to a mobile phone contract. Opt for a contract term that ranges from 1 month to 2 years.

3. You can use your choice of phone in a SIM only contract. You do not have to be tied in a mobile contract, using a phone that you do not want.

4. It’s easier to get contract SIM cards, even on bad credit. Because you are not opting for a handset, you are considered a low risk candidate.

Disadvantage of SIM only deals

1. The only disadvantage of a no credit check SIM only plan is that you might have to shell out more on a monthly contract than you would on a 12-month contract.

While SIM only deals are not difficult to get, there are some networks that offer the cheapest SIM only deals. When you get in touch with Zaggor, we offer the best deal. Here are some mobile network service providers that you can consider when you are opting for SIM only deals, especially with a history of bad credit.

Vodafone SIM only deals with bad credit

SIM only contracts from Vodafone offer unlimited calls and data. The latest plans also come with the global roaming facility which lets you stay on the network even when you travel abroad. The network covers 110 destinations worldwide.

If you are planning to upgrade to a new pay monthly contract offering the latest smartphone in a few months, opting for the Vodafone SIM-only no credit check offer makes perfect sense. In just under £10 a month, you can find the cheapest SIM-only deals.

A 30-day SIM-only contract is a flexible option, as you can switch to a mobile phone contract in a month.

Tesco SIM only deals

When you opt for a Tesco SIM-only no credit check plan, you get automatic access to the 4G network service. If you are looking for SIM-only contracts that are light on the wallet, opt for the 12-month contract.

If you do not want to commit to a year-long contract, opt for the 1 month deal. The only downside is that this contract is priced equivalent to the year-long contract. But if you consider the flexibility that this SIM only deal offers, the cost is worth it.

SIM-only contracts from Tesco ensure Clubcard points for its loyal customers. Tesco is also the first mobile network in the UK to offer 18-month SIM-only deals that come with 4G, at no additional cost.

Three SIM only deals with no credit check

Three SIM-only no credit check offers are too good to refuse. Get a SIM-only deal for phones, or a data-only SIM deal for your iPad or tablet. All plans from Three come with 4G, and free roaming abroad in EU destinations.

Three offers SIM-only contracts with unlimited data that comes with no speed cap and no usage limits. Send all the messages that you want with unlimited text. Browse the web and stay connected by using the free Wi-Fi service on the London Underground.

GoBinge allows you to stream music and videos from services such as Netflix, without using up data allowance. This feature is available not only on mobile contracts, but also on SIM-only contracts. Three’s SIM-only plans are available for all handsets, and all SIM card sizes.

O2 SIM only deals with no credit check

Enjoy all the benefits offered by the O2 network, even on no credit check SIM-only offers. You also gain access to exclusive offers, discounts and freebies. Access free internet on the O2 Wi-Fi, while you’re on the go. Call and text even when you don’t have a signal, using the free TU Go App.

When you opt for a SIM-only contract from O2, you get a multi SIM card that is a handy, three-in-one card that will fit any smartphone or tablet.

O2 also offers pay-monthly multi-SIM cards. O2 SIM-only no credit check deals are so simple that you can retain your number, even if you have switched from another network. Pick a contract that spans over a period of 30 days to 1 year. Depending on how long your contract period is, the price of the SIM-only deal varies.

GiffGaff SIM only deals

GiffGaff is a mobile network that runs on the O2 network, and offers economical plans depending on your usage. The GiffGaff SIM only no credit check plan ensures that you get your SIM even with a poor credit rating. Unless you are going for a loan to buy a smartphone, there is no credit check on SIM-only deals from GiffGaff.

The plans offered by GiffGaff are called goody bags. The calls, texts and data, in each goody-bag lasts a month, and you also have the offer of 4G. The best part about GiffGaff is the affordability and hassle-free service that it offers. There are no lengthy contracts and this mobile network is known for its low-cost SIM-only deals with no credit check.

Unlocking your Phone

If you are planning to switch networks, you will need to get the phone unlocked. Though it invalidates the phone’s warranty, some network service providers unlock phones for a small fee.

If your budget does not allow you to invest in a new smartphone, thinking of how to get cheap mobile phone contracts is not the solution. After all, why go for a phone that you do not want to use. All you need to do is opt for a SIM-only deal that lets you use your current phone.

If you are planning to go for a SIM-only contract, there is a range of networks that are ready to offer you their best deals. Take a look at the price, the package being offered and the contract lengths, and you are sure to find a SIM-only deal that is a perfect fit for your requirements.