I’ve Change My Mind About a Phone Contract – Can I Cancel?

Change My MindSigning a mobile contract is necessary to get your choice of mobile phone and service provider. While we agree that contract phones, no credit check offers are tempting, have you ever felt that you signed the mobile contract in a haste? If yes, how to cancel a phone contract without paying? Do not worry, as most service providers offer a 14-day cooling off period on the mobile contract. If you’ve changed your mind on a phone contract, read on to know more about the options offered by various mobile service providers.

EE Change of Mind Policy for Online Purchase

When you make an online purchase, or over the phone, you have a 14-day cooling off period on the mobile phone contract to tell EE that you’ve changed your mind. Whether it is to return a mobile or cancel a mobile service, fill in the relevant forms and return it to EE. Your payment is usually refunded within 14 days.

EE Change of Mind Policy at the Store

EE change of mind policy is not available for an in-store purchase. However, new as well as upgraded customers have the choice to cancel the contract within 14 days of purchase, if they are experiencing network coverage issues. Ensure that you have the receipt and the product in the original packaging, in order to facilitate an easy return.

Three Change of Mind Policy for Online Purchase

As per the, Three change of mind policy, you can return or exchange a phone or accessory within 14 days of purchase. All you need to do is, complete the cancellation form, and return the phone with its original packaging, accessories, free gifts and manuals. If you have used the network services, then you will be charged depending on the usage.

Three Change of Mind Policy at the Store

Buying a device or accessory from any of the Three stores, is a different ball game, as there is no return policy. If you’ve changed your mind, then it’s your loss, as you cannot return or exchange the device.

Cancelling a Phone Contract with Vodafone

If you are wondering how to cancel a pay monthly phone contract with Vodafone, then the process is fairly simple. You just have call them. But if you choose to end the contract before the actual end date specified on the contract, then you have to pay an exit fee. This depends on the terms of the contract that you have opted for. If you want to switch to another network, then you just need to fill the network unlock request form. And if you would like your number disconnected, the agreement ends 30 days after you send the cancellation request.

Cooling off Period on a Mobile Phone Contract with Carphone Warehouse

The cooling off period on a mobile phone contract with Carphone Warehouse is 14 days if you are on the O2 network. But there is an exception to this rule, if you own an O2 iPhone. There is no change of mind policy on this product. You cannot exchange the O2 iPhone or change the network. If you need to do either of these, the phone contract needs to be cancelled completely. Unfortunately, you cannot change networks or cancel a contract on the Vodafone or EE network, with Carphone Warehouse.

Leaving O2

Can I cancel my phone contract within 14 days if I plan to leave the O2 network? Of course, yes. You have the right to cancel your contract if you’ve changed your mind. If you need to exchange your device or need a refund, then you might need to pay additional fees. If you are wondering what’s the easiest network to get a contract with or thinking how to cancel a phone contract without paying, then reach out to us. We can get all your queries answered, and help you choose the right mobile contract.