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Common Mobile Phone Scams

It’s wonderful that you managed to secure your choice of handset on a pay monthly phone contract. You are also secure in the knowledge that your phone is protected against viruses and malware. But are you aware of mobile phone scams? These are scams that arise as a result of you giving up important information. […]

Top 10 Classic Mobile Phones

From large handsets to super slim smartphones, mobile phones have come a long way. Even customers on bad credit can get phone contracts. It is possible to own the latest smartphone through mobile contracts. However, there are some iconic mobile phones that are cherished by mobile phone lovers. You may not find these classic mobile […]

Top 5 Phones with Keyboard

Mobile phones with keyboard are not very popular in today’s smartphone market. But there is a niche market of people who prefer phones with QWERTY keyboard. If you are someone who constantly uses the phone to send messages and emails, a more robust keyboard is preferable, as compared to the delicate touch screen. Also, when […]

How Much Usage Can You Get from 200mb of Data?

Many mobile network service providers offer 200mb of data access in a month, instead of unlimited data plans. But is a 200mb data plan enough for most customers? 200mb is not much when you look at the current internet usage trends. What can you do with a 200mb data plan? Before you go for a […]

Bad Credit Phones with Free Gifts

Who doesn’t love freebies? Did you know that you can get a contract mobile phone with free gifts? You might be tempted with the offer of gifts on mobile phone contracts, but you also have to be smart and take care not to pay more than you need to. If you have a history of […]

iPhone 7 Vs Pixel Review

  The iPhone 7 and Google Pixel are both stunning examples of well-designed smartphones. If you are thinking of a high-end smartphone, then either of these two phones would make an ideal pick. Our iPhone 7 vs Pixel review helps you make the choice. Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Specs The Google Pixel vs iPhone […]

What is the Easiest Network to Get a Contract Phone On?

Getting a mobile contract should be easy, especially with the range of mobile network service providers to choose from. But what happens when you are looking at contract phones for bad credit? Mobile Networks for Customers on Bad Credit A bad credit history does make it difficult to complete the mobile contract process without any […]

How to Get a Contract Phone with Bad Credit Rating?

Getting contract phones with no credit check, no upfront fee is certainly an irresistible offer. But is it possible to get a contract phone with bad credit rating? The team at Zaggor finds the right mobile network service providers that offer high acceptance contract phones. Read on to know how to get contract phones even […]

I’ve Change My Mind About a Phone Contract – Can I Cancel?

Signing a mobile contract is necessary to get your choice of mobile phone and service provider. While we agree that contract phones, no credit check offers are tempting, have you ever felt that you signed the mobile contract in a haste? If yes, how to cancel a phone contract without paying? Do not worry, as […]

Mobile Phone Contracts with Bad Credit

There are many mobile network operators in the UK that provide mobile phone contracts for customers on bad credit. Thanks to network operators like O2 and Vodafone , getting mobile phones for customers with bad credit is a breeze. • O2 offers you the latest mobile phones even with a history of bad credit. • […]