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contract phones for bad credit
John Hansen
“A phone is the most important tool in my sales job. A tough financial situation made me skip a mobile contract payment. When I went to renew my phone contract, I was denied phone contracts for bad credit. But when I approached Zaggor, I knew I could get back to work quickly as they process bad credit phone contracts too”.
phone contracts bad credit
Hope Nithercott
“My smartphone often functions as a laptop in my busy doctor’s profession. Imagine my horror, when the mobile screen shattered into pieces after an accidental fall. A friend who procured a bad credit contract phone referred Zaggor. She said if she could get phone contracts on bad credit, my mobile phone contract had to be a cakewalk”.
contract phones no credit check
Angela Aclan
“As a stay at home mom, my mobile helps me keep in touch with the rest of the world. When my phone broke down suddenly, I did not want to get a mobile on bad credit contracts. But neither did I have a credit history to prove my worth. Zaggor solved the problem by approving the contract phones no credit check offer”.
bad credit phone contracts
Yasmin Dwight
“I continued using an old mobile phone, even after I retired from work. But one day the phone just gave up on me. I was apprehensive about procuring contract phones, especially with a bad credit history. But the friendly team at Zaggor understood my situation. Within no time, I was granted an offer on contract phones for bad credit customers”.

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Mobile Phone Contracts No Credit Check

When you are offered no credit check contract phones, beware as the term can be often misleading. Is it even possible to get mobile phone contracts with no credit check? Not really. Though there are many mobile companies that claim to offer no credit check contract phones, nothing could be further from the truth. While getting contract mobile phones on no credit check offers may not be a possibility, Zaggor promises to make it easy to get you the best mobile contract.

There are so many mobile network service providers that claim to offer mobile phone contracts with no credit checks. Keep in mind that landing the right mobile contract to suit your needs even if it’s pay monthly phones for people with bad credit can help you save upwards of £50. No matter, whichever mobile service provider you choose, there is some kind of credit check done to verify the customer’s credit status. All the talk about pay weekly phones no deposit offers or no credit check phones may actually be a farce. So before you sign up for a mobile contract, learn to read the fine print. Here are some tips to help you choose the right mobile contract.

Choose the Right Mobile Network

There are many mobile network service providers available for you to choose. But remember that mobile signals vary throughout the country. You may have been offered no credit check mobile contracts, but that does not mean that you accept any mobile network service provider listed in the contract. Some networks offer a better coverage area than others. For instance, O2 has the biggest and fastest network coverage in the UK.

The Cheapest is Not Always the Best

While it’s tempting to pick the cheapest deal available, especially when you are looking at mobile phone contracts for bad credit that may not always be the best plan. It always helps to do your research. O2 may not offer a pocket-friendly deal, but it certainly offers the best 4G connectivity and the price is worth paying.

Don’t Forget the Data Package

If your only criteria while considering a mobile contract is to get no credit check phone contracts, you may not pay attention to the package that is offered in the contract. Going over the data or call allowance may cost you dearly. So it is always best to make a sensible choice on the call/data package.

Easy Credit Check

If you are looking at securing phone contracts with bad credit rating, then it’s almost impossible to get contract phones with no credit checks. O2 does not offer no credit check mobiles but it does offer mobile phone contracts with security deposits if you have failed the credit check.

No Credit Check

If you are particular about getting a mobile contract with no credit check, it would be better to opt for SIM only deals or pay as you go offers. You get to use your own mobile phones, there is no credit check and you have a package of calls, text and data at attractive prices. When you renew a pack every month, you gain loyalty bonus in the form of extra airtime from O2.

Check Current Usage

There are many mobile contract plans that come with unlimited calls and text, but not everyone needs that. You can calculate your usage details or let the team at Zaggor help you pick the right plan. If you are looking at phone contracts for customers with poor credit then it is very essential to keep track of the current usage.

Improve Your Credit Rating

Missing bill payments can damage your credit rating. Apart from being a good borrower ensure that you are registered on the electoral roll. Even when you are offered a no credit check mobile phone, your contract application is processed to check whether you are registered on the electoral roll. This is done to prevent identity thefts. With the relaxed credit checking offered by Mobile Phone Direct, it almost feels like you are getting a mobile contract with no credit check. A poor credit history limits your choices of procuring contract phones with no credit check. At Zaggor we promise you will not be denied a mobile contract. Instead we help you choose the mobile contract that’s right for you.

About us

With the range of smartphones that are available in the market, picking the right one can be a daunting task. And if you are looking for bad credit phone contracts, then you might realize that most mobile service providers are reluctant to offer phone contracts for bad credit customers. We, at Zaggor help you clinch the perfect mobile contract even as you wonder how to get phone contracts on bad credit.

Being unemployed, or having a bad credit or no credit rating need not stop you from owning the latest smartphone. Zaggor gets pay monthly phones for people with bad credit. Getting contract phones with no credit check has never been easier. It is best to avoid pay weekly mobile phones no credit offers as you end up paying more than you normally would. Zaggor helps you track mobile networks and retailers that are likely to give you the best contract phones even on bad credit. Whether you have a history of bad credit contracts or would like to get cheap contract site and you could soon get an approval on a phone contract no credit check offer.

Mobile phone contracts with bad credit are hard to come by, so do not miss the chance to sign up on Zaggor. You can be assured of excellent customer service and follow-up even when you are considering contract mobile phones no credit check offers. A bad credit does not hinder your chance of procuring a contract phone. With more than 450K happy customers and a ‘high pass contract’ network, getting contract phones for bad credit customers is a breeze. Lay your hands on the hottest smartphones like iPhone 6 & iPhone 7 with attractive bundle offers. Be it contract phones with no credit check or bad credit contracts, Zaggor has the perfect deal for you.