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contract phones for bad credit
John Hansen
“A phone is the most important tool in my sales job. A tough financial situation made me skip a mobile contract payment. When I went to renew my phone contract, I was denied phone contracts for bad credit. But when I approached Zaggor, I knew I could get back to work quickly as they process bad credit phone contracts too”.
phone contracts bad credit
Hope Nithercott
“My smartphone often functions as a laptop in my busy doctor’s profession. Imagine my horror, when the mobile screen shattered into pieces after an accidental fall. A friend who procured a bad credit contract phone referred Zaggor. She said if she could get phone contracts on bad credit, my mobile phone contract had to be a cakewalk”.
contract phones no credit check
Angela Aclan
“As a stay at home mom, my mobile helps me keep in touch with the rest of the world. When my phone broke down suddenly, I did not want to get a mobile on bad credit contracts. But neither did I have a credit history to prove my worth. Zaggor solved the problem by approving the contract phones no credit check offer”.
bad credit phone contracts
Yasmin Dwight
“I continued using an old mobile phone, even after I retired from work. But one day the phone just gave up on me. I was apprehensive about procuring contract phones, especially with a bad credit history. But the friendly team at Zaggor understood my situation. Within no time, I was granted an offer on contract phones for bad credit customers”.

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Contract phone on bad credit.

You can get a contract phone with bad credit – some networks are easier to get a phone contract than others, but there will be a restricted amount of phones to choose from. This is because; a credit check is usually conducted for phone contracts to ensure payments can be met monthly. As high-end phones have a high risk attached to them due to their price, be prepared to opt for a low-mid range phone if you have bad credit. So, it may be unlikely to get an iPhone 7 on bad credit, but there are older iPhones to choose from that are just as good. At Zaggor, we will give all the options available for a contract phone on bad credit. There are also some contracts that come with free gifts. Check out which network provider gives a free gift with their contract phones.

Phone contract with no credit check.

You can get a phone contract with no credit check but the options are a lot smaller than getting a phone contract with bad credit. You will find you can get low-mid range phones more easily than a high-end phone and that’s down to the cost attached to the phone. Network providers need to be sure you can pay for the device which is why a credit check is important the higher up you go in phone value. At Zaggor, we make sure we show all the phones that are possible for you to get so it reduces your search time.

With phone contracts on no credit check, an upfront cost to pay for the device is usually required. The upfront cost goes higher the more expensive the device is, but there are some instances where the upfront cost is high even though the phone is not worth much. This is because the network provider needs assurance the customer can pay for their contract as they’ve had no credit check.

With the relaxed credit checking offered by, we make it even easier to get a phone contract with no credit check.

Contract phones for bad credit – no upfront fees.

Getting a contract phone with no upfront fees depends on which phone you get. If you get a new, high-end phone, you will most likely have to pay an upfront cost. This is also the case if you get a phone contract with no credit check. This gives network providers some guarantee the contract can be paid for as it’s a bad credit or no credit check phone contract.

However, if you opt for a phone that is either low-mid range, then there is a chance there will be no upfront cost or if there is, it will be a small amount. You can get a phone contract with no upfront cost but it’s highly unlikely for a bad credit contract.

Rejected for a phone contract due to bad credit/no credit check issue.

You may be disappointed to find out you’ve been rejected a phone credit due to bad credit, but there is always a way you can make things work. In this instance, why not go for a Pay As You Go phone? It will require saving up for some time depending on the cost of the phone, but this will work out alongside a SIM only deal.

What is a SIM only deal we hear you ask. Well, it’s a SIM contract that includes minutes, text and data. A SIM only contract doesn’t require a credit check as it has no risk attached to it, so it’s great for those with bad credit. Check out our no credit check SIM only deals.

What to look for in a phone contract if you have a bad credit/no credit check.

At Zaggor we help you get a phone contract whether you have bad credit or want to get a phone contract with no credit check. Once you’ve chosen a phone from the selection offered to you, there are a couple of things you need to look into before confirming your contract:

  • Whilst it’s tempting to pick the cheapest deal available, the plan may not be suited to you so be sure to pay extra attention to the minutes, text and data you’re given in your phone contract, to make sure the amount given is enough for you. Once the contract has started, it will be difficult to change the plan.
  • Be sure to do a network coverage check before you get the phone contract of your chosen provider, to ensure the network has good coverage in your area.

Tips to help you get a phone contract with bad credit.

  • Choose a cheap mobile phone as it will be easy to keep up with monthly payments.
  • If you’re rejected for a phone contracted due to bad credit, don’t keep reapplying as this shows up in your records.
  • Check your credit report – make sure the information on there is correct. This is also a good way of finding out what’s gone wrong, so will help you moving forward.
  • Reduce amount owed – this will help your credit score overall.
  • Set up a bank account (if you don’t have one already).
  • Payment reminders – if you have bills set up on your debit card, then these automatically get taken out.
  • However, with credit card payments, you have to actively make a payment yourself so either set a reminder or speak to your bank about setting a reminder system.

What can affect a credit score?

There are a number of things that can affect your credit score and as you’ve noticed by now, your credit score can affect the possibilities of a phone contract. Also, most of the time you’re not given a reason why you’ve been declined which can be very frustrating. So, to help, we’ve listed some of the reasons your credit score might be bad:

  • Bad credit history – such as missed payments. You can build up your credit score over the years though by making regular payments.
  • Stability – whether it’s changing addresses or being in and out of employment.
  • Bank account – if you don’t have a bank account then it’s unlikely you’ll have much luck with a contract as there’s no proof what your credit rating is like as there’s no debit or credit card attached to your name.

How to check your credit score.

There are many different ways to check your credit score with each place having different requirements on what you need to do in order to check your credit score. Which? have an in-depth article on how to check your credit score for free. Essentially, you can choose from a free or paid subscription – it all comes down to what you’re after and how much information you need.

Phone contracts with bad credit and Zaggor.

Zaggor is a business that finds contract phone for customers who have bad credit. We do this by providing a free and easy-to-use online service. This fast and pain-free online service uses our unique algorithm that is designed to compare a wide range of mobile phone deals in one place. This includes phone and a pay monthly deal that suit customers from a number of network operator – giving you the option to choose one that suits your needs.

Our website lets people find the latest smartphones, the right price plan and a contract length that suits them. We also have a mobile phone comparison service which offers customers exclusive and market-leading deals, even including deals they can’t get straight from a provider.

Although we help customers find a mobile phone contract on bad credit, we are not a credit score check company and we’re not a mobile network operator either.

Why choose Zaggor.

As well as having 12 latest handsets available in our tool to help you find a phone contract on bad credit, it only takes a few seconds to find out if you can get a phone contract. You can get your new phone the very next day and response time on our site is quick too. We’ve also helped lots of people with a phone contract along the way:

  • 100 thousand submissions in 1 year.
  • 45% success rate.
  • 40 thousand satisfied customers.

About us.

With the range of smartphones that are available in the market, picking the right one can be a daunting task. And if you are looking for bad credit phone contracts, then you will notice that most mobile service providers are reluctant to offer phone contracts for bad credit customers. We, at Zaggor help you clinch the perfect mobile contract for bad credit.

Zaggor show pay monthly phones that are available for people with bad credit. Whether you’re unemployed or haven’t had a permanent address for a long time, this won’t stop you from getting a phone contract on bad credit. Zaggor helps you track mobile networks and retailers that are likely to give you the best contract phones even on bad credit. Even if you have a history of bad credit contracts or would like to get a cheap contract, you could soon get an approval on a phone contract with no credit check.

Even though you’re getting a phone contract on bad credit, rest assured you will receive excellent customer service and follow-up comms. A bad credit does not hinder your chance completely of owning a contract phone. With more than 450K happy customers and a ‘high pass contract’ network, getting contract phones for bad credit customers is a breeze – be it contract phones with no credit check or bad credit contracts, Zaggor has the perfect deal for you.

Mobile phone contracts with bad credit are hard to come by, so do not miss the chance to sign up on Zaggor. Read more about us here.

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